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Janessa Cardillo

Owner, Voice and Piano Instructor

Janessa, owner and instructor, is a classically-trained vocalist turned contemporary commercial musician, a 20-year veteran private and group voice and piano teacher, a singing piano entertainer, and a mom of 4. If you couldn't guess, she doesn't like to be bored! She loves to bring excitement to her lessons with games, wacky exercises, and out-of-the-box activities.

Raised in the suburbs of Cleveland, OH, Janessa earned a bachelor's degree in music from Eastern Michigan University, and has worked steadily in music all of her adult life. In recent years, she has performed with The Cleveland Opera, Cleveland Opera Theater, and Tri-C. She now works as a singing piano entertainer in both public and private venues throughout the midwest.

Janessa lives in Lakewood with her partner, Bryan, their 4 kiddos and way too many pets.


Ines Bakia

Guitar/Ukulele Instructor

Ines is a singer-songwriter on the Cleveland music scene, frequenting local open mics and jam nights. She believes in the power of community and that it takes a village to truly nurture and lift up one another, especially as musicians. As a teacher, Ines prioritizes personality and passion over perfection, creating a low-pressure environment to improvise and create, often using games to write songs. Although she is a guitar and ukulele teacher, she likes to use other instruments, such as piano and percussion, to help develop the musical ear and internal rhythm.

Ines is a first-generation American with family from Albania. She is a Lakewood native, and lives here with her cat, Klea. You can find her at Root Cafe during the day, whipping up your favorite beverages!


Jer Berkin

Drum Instructor

Jer has been drumming since they were 5 years old! Playing drums for a band has been their lifelong dream, and they're finally living it with Cleveland indie-punk rock group The Sonder Bombs. Jer has tracked drums on several studio albums, and she would love to teach you how to play. 

Over the last 10 years Jer has performed live on national tours, all the while chipping away at their own album of solo music. She has experience with plenty of genres such as rock, punk, indie, jazz, latin, funk and would be honored to help you learn as much as possible! If there are certain genres you're interested in, they can focus there as well. 

Let's make some noise!


Jo Powers

Voice/Piano Instructor

Passion for performance! Jo is a classically trained vocalist and contemporary pianist with theatre experience. Raised in Twin Cities, MN, after a hiatus in Chicago, she headed to the Home of Rock and Roll, where she has found a place here to embrace and share her experience in the performing arts.

Jo began learning piano at age 3, and voice lessons, choir, and acting at age 7. She performed in recitals, several theatrical roles in high school, and community and college productions. She studied vocal performance for 2 years, then went to Chicago and completed improvisation training at The Second City. Presently working as a solo and dueling piano entertainer (follow her for local gigs), Jo is also currently pursuing a degree in psychology with a minor in music.

The performing arts teach lifelong creative skills. Jo hopes to help each student build confidence with unwavering patience in a creative and fun learning environment. Join her for some beginner lessons!


Maddie Polk

Piano Instructor

Maddie has almost a decade of experience in music education and has been playing piano for over 20 years. She is also a classically trained percussionist, with a Bachelor of Music in Music Education from Capital University. She has taught band, choir, orchestra, and general music curriculum in classrooms with students K-12, as well as private piano and percussion lessons for all ages. Maddie works for The Cleveland Orchestra in Philanthropy and Advancement.

When she isn’t making or organizing music, Maddie can be found crocheting, volunteering at the city dog shelter, or enjoying the outdoors hiking, camping, and backpacking!

Maddie resides in Tremont with her husband, dog, and 2 cats. 


Robert Schafer

Piano Instructor

Robert Schafer is a musician and teacher based in Lakewood, Ohio. Robert graduated from Capital University with a bachelors in Music Industry, and has taught private piano lessons, toured the country playing piano and trumpet, and has further experience in songwriting, studio recording, part arrangement, and more. Currently working with the Cleveland-based band Tropidelic, Robert has always balanced playing live music and teaching piano and trumpet. Lessons with Robert are collaborative, a give and take, aiming towards a healthy and beneficial relationship with music for the student.


Tim Lane

Drum Instructor

Tim Lane is an inspired working Cleveland drummer that has been playing since 1986. Armed with 23 years' teaching experience, Tim Lane has a wide variety of knowledge to share, from music reading skills to rudiments and improvisation. Tim will help you grow and keep you challenged while having fun with drums. Snare drum, drum set, hand percussion, and more!

tricia pic.jpg

Tricia Crane

Early Childhood Coordinator

Tricia Crane is a music educator, choral director, performer, and Lakewood resident. She is engaging, energetic, passionate, and experienced. With her degree in Music Education and Level III Kodaly certification, she strives for each lesson to be a solid and well-rounded foundational experience, while still having fun, playing games, and exploring the world of music. Tricia has over 17 years of experience in classroom teaching and directing choral ensembles of all ages. Her passion is for everyone to find their own inner-musician, and plans lessons and rehearsals with that goal at the forefront. Tricia has developed a curriculum designed specifically for Lemon Seeds, and is very excited to be providing music education to the community that she and her husband, Ian, and their children, Phoebe and Alex, have made their home.



Voice, Piano, Guitar, Bass, Ukulele, Drums, Music Therapy, Early Childhood

Lemon Seeds is always looking for passionate, creative teachers to join our team. If you're looking for a creative outlet for your musical ideas, come join us and help inspire the next generation of music makers!

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