Ages 6+

As a classically trained vocalist turned dueling pianist, Janessa is currently learning more about the voice and its mechanisms than she ever knew there was to know! Lessons with Janessa will focus on all the myriad ways to strengthen and tone the vocal tract with the end goal of making singing as effortless as speaking. We will also learn to read music, discover our unique vocal quality, and explore a wide variety of musical styles. With a background in classical, musical theater, and pop styles, Janessa provides a well-rounded vocal education that is typically hard to find!
Voice lessons are currently $100/month for weekly 30-minute one-on-one lessons.

Piano Recital


Ages 3+

We teach piano using Wunderkeys lesson books, games, and printables. Wunderkeys resources are engaging, multi-dimensional, and effective. Combined with our teachers' bubbly personalities and endless patience, piano lessons with Lemon Seeds are a fun and educational start to your music experience. We move through the materials at the speed that is right for you to grasp and master each concept. You will be challenged with achievable goals at every stage of your learning experience.
Piano lessons are $100/month for weekly 30-minute one-on-one lessons.



Keith Nicholas began guitar lessons at age 5...buuuut it didn't go so well. He spent his childhood noodling around, learning from the musical greats in his life, and most importantly: LISTENING. Michael Bay, Ernie Krivda, Steve Enos, Joe Hunter, and Lee Taylor were all influential in helping Keith understand music as a language. Having taught guitar lessons privately and in music schools for quite some time, Keith loves the adventure of finding the role that music serves in his students and watching that light bulb illuminate!

Keith currently works as the principal guitar/banjo player for the Brian Pappesh Party Band. They play every Saturday at Hofbrauhaus and at many outdoor gigs and festivals. He is also an active fill-in player throughout Cleveland. He'd love to see you at one of his many shows!