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Homeschool Music

As a former homeschool mom, Janessa has seen the need for a well-rounded music education that is accessible and available to the homeschool community, and Lemon Seeds has endeavored to provide just that!

Lemon Seeds offers several classes for homeschooled students of all ages. Register for one, two, or all three classes for a well-rounded music education that is hard to find!

Piano Class will provide an avenue to teach music theory in a practical, applicable way. We will differentiate learning to meet each student at their current level, whether that is an absolute beginner or a seasoned pianist! A piano or keyboard is required for home practice.

Music Appreciation will provide an overview of the history of music, including eras, composers, and characteristics. We will cover classical, world, and contemporary music in an immersive, exciting way!

Homeschool Choir is an incredible way to get involved in making music with others and gaining invaluable performance experience! Each session will conclude with a performance for friends and family.

When registering for all three classes, you have the option of adding on a lunch hour, when we will eat together, then have guided practice time. Although I am not an expert on every instrument, I am able to provide assistance with note reading, rhythms, dynamics, articulation, and more. Students need to practice every day, so let me help!

Each class is $120 per 10-week session. The full day (3 classes plus the lunch hour) is $400/session.

We also encourage homeschoolers interested in learning an instrument to sign up for small group classes! These are scheduled according to your availability, which can be during the day! Please visit the small group class page for more information or to get started!

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