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Summer Camps

2022 Summer Music Camps - Lakewood, Ohio

This summer at Lemon Seeds was full of creativity, new experiences, plenty of music, and lots of FUN! We can't wait to do it all over again next year! Stay tuned to get yourself or your kiddo registered for a summer you'll never forget!

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Guitarist Writing Song

I Don't Know! Camp

Interested in music but not sure which instrument is right for you? Come try them all and see what resonates with you! This week, we will learn the basics of piano, guitar, drums, and singing to find your musical passion. No prior experience needed!

Aspiring musicians ages 8-18

Songwriting Camp

If you play an instrument (yes, that includes your own voice!), have always wanted to write your own music, but don't know where to start, this is the camp for you! Instructor Nate Bradley will offer songwriting prompts and help you refine your ideas into a finished product. One or more of the songs written this week will be learned and polished during the Rock Band camp, then recorded during the Recording camp later this summer!

Musicians ages 12-18

Pop Band
Band Practice

Everyone Can Sing! Voice Camp

Is your brother constantly telling you to stop singing because you sound like a dying cat? Or Aunt Millie keeps telling you that you have "such a beautiful voice," but you just don't hear it yourself? Let vocal instructor Janessa Cardillo convince you that you really CAN sing! We'll learn about how your voice actually works and how to make it do what you want. At the end of the week, we'll have a short recital to show off your camper's ACTUAL beautiful voice!

Beginning singers ages 8-12

Rock Band Camp

If you're tired of jamming out on your guitar in the comfort of your own home and would like to collaborate with some other musicians, this is the camp for you! This week, we will work with a variety of gigging musicians to learn and polish one or more of the songs that were written at the songwriting camp earlier this summer, in order to prepare to record at the recording camp later this summer. The week will end with a short performance at the Big Bang Dueling Piano Bar in the Flats!

Musicians ages 12-18

(Please be sure to specify during registration which instrument you play; we will need to coordinate registration to ensure we have appropriate instrumentation.)


3-2-1- Blast Off! Piano Camp

This is the perfect camp for curious musicians! We'll launch into learning everything about piano with instructor Janessa Cardillo. Topics will include piano geography (learning the names of the keys on the keyboard), rhythm and beat, finger numbers, and note reading. At the end of the week, we will hold a short recital for families and friends to show off your camper's newfound skills!

Beginning pianists, ages 5-8

Recording 101 Camp

Ready to take your ideas and songs to the next level? Instructor Zach Meadows will introduce you to all the tech-y stuff you need to know to make a quality recording of your instrument or band. We'll learn about micing techniques, signal flow, mixing and mastering, and more! At the conclusion of camp, you will have a recording of one or more of the songs that were written at the Songwriting camp and learned at the Rock Band camp earlier this summer!

Musicians ages 12-18

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